Announcing New NSF-funded project: CAMS-Net

On January 1st, 2021, Dr. Dan Westervelt, co-PI of the Clean Air Toolbox for Cities Initiative and Africa lead, launched the Clean Air Monitoring Solutions Network (CAMS-Net). Thanks to a 5 year, $2M grant from the NSF AccelNet Program, CAMS-Net will create a “network of networks” that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and data in order to improve the usage and application of low-cost sensor data. 


With partners in the US, Europe, India, China, and Sub-Saharan Africa, CAMS-Net will also provide capacity building, scholar exchanges, mentoring, workshops, and public outreach that will create opportunities to explore the uses of low-cost sensor data for policy recommendations and health studies. With this new project, the Clean Air Toolbox Initiative continues to work towards using low-cost sensor data to close the data gap and encourage effective mitigation policies.

To learn more about CAMS-Net, visit the project website or watch the following video describing the CAMS-Net vision and goals. You can also contact Dr. Westervelt at with any inquiries. 

You can read more about the NSF Accelnet Program, including the full list of award recipients, here.