ICYMI: Clean Air Toolbox Symposium Spring 2021

On Monday, May 18, we celebrated two years of Clean Air Toolbox with a virtual symposium.  PI Faye McNeill presented an overview of the project and ongoing activities. We then heard presentations from several team members. Andy Revkin shared insights into communication for impact and the Earth Institute initiative on communication and sustainability. Jackie Klopp and Beizhan Yan presented on the USAID-funded Clean Air Catalyst project, from the social/political science and the air quality science sides. Ben Bostick presented new data on particulate matter pollution in the NYC subway system. Zhonghua Zheng presented preliminary results of an effort to use statistical analysis of satellite data and atmospheric model outputs to improve dataset integration and better understand pollution sources and variability. co-PI Dan Westevelt wrapped things up with an update on the NSF funded CAMSNet Clean Air Monitoring and Solutions project and the Department of State E. Africa project.  There was then a short brainstorming session on what we'd like to see happen in the next year of Clean Air Toolbox.

We are all looking forward to hopefully gathering together in person for the next Clean Air Toolbox Symposium in 2022!